Classification And Production Methods Of Welded Steel Pipe
Classification And Production Methods Of Welded Steel Pipe
Welded steel pipes are created by taking flat substrates, such as HR coil or a steel plate and shaping then welding them. The pipe is then classified based on the approach used. One thing professionals consider is if the steel pipe is spiral welded or straight seam welded. Others device the material based on the purpose – i.e. manufacturing, agricultural, oil drilling, mining, etc.

One of the most common ways to classify a welded steel pipe is to look at the process used. This means classifying the steel pipes based on the production methods or the sub-processes. The results achieved will fall into one of the three following classifications.
ERW – Electric Resistance Welded 
This process is either low or high frequency. It is restricted to a size of (maximum) about 24” in diameter. This welded steel pipe results from the longitudinally welded HR coil.
DSAW or LSAW – Longitudinal
The primary substrate used in this method is a heavy steel plate. Producers will choose one of the following two methods, which include:
Submerged arc welded – SAW
Double submerged arc welded – DSAW
The flat plate that results will have a straight seam stretched the entire length of the pipe. The standard sizes for this pipe option range between 12 and 18m. When this method is used, the quality of the weld is higher and features fewer defects.

Spiral Welded Longitudinal or Spiral Welded
This process, just as the name implies, results from a circular motion. The manufacturer will take the plate and wind and weld the substrate of the steel plate or HR coil in a spiral. This is a method that is referred to as helical submerged arc welded (HSAW). The product resulted is much thicker and longer than the other methods. In most cases, this is the preferred method because it is cost-effective, fast, efficient and simple.
Regardless of how a welded steel pipe is classified, the market for distributors and producers is extremely strong. A company that offers a diverse option of welded steel pipes is able to maintain consistent profits. If you are searching for a company to provide you with the welded steel pipe you need, search for one that strives to exceed the expectations of the API regarding quality.

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